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Masatomi Ikeda

Masatomi Ikeda Shihan



Born in Tokyo, 8th of April 1940.

Education: Faculty of physical education, Nihon Taiku University, Tokyo.

Aikido: he has been practicing since 1958. He is a bearer of 7th Dan Aikikai Aikido, 5th Dan Sumo, and 4th Dan Judo belts. He enrolls in the dojo of Hiroshi Tada 9th Dan Aikikai at 1960. He receives his last degree in aikido in 1989.

Dwelling history: till 1965 lived in Japan, from 1965-1970 in Italy, from 1970 until 1977 again in Japan where he (was a teacher at the sport high school.) from 1977 he has lived in Zurich where he has founded the school Aikido Ikeda Dojo Zurich. He hasn’t been teaching aikido from 2001 until 2012 because of his illness.

Management: from 1977 he has been the technical manager of the Swiss Aikido Federation, of the Czech Aikido Federation from 1995, of the Slovakian Aikido Federation since 1996 and from 1997 until 2003 of the Yugoslavian Aikido Federation. In 1998 he became the technical manager of the International Aikido Federation (IAF) together with Mr. H. Isoyama 9th Dan Aikikai.

After his arrival in Switzerland, Ikeda sensei realized that the traditional way of teaching aikido is not suitable for the Europeans because of the great cultural differences with the Japanese. There are certain things that in Japan go without saying, but they have to be explained carefully in Europe. Having in mind those differences, Ikeda sensei compiled a didactical system and an examination program, which simply amaze with the ingenuity with which they were presented.

Apart from aikido he also taught HOJO (a discipline developed at the famous school Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage Ryu which exists from the 14th century. A special bokken (wooden sword) is used in Hojo. He also organized seminars in Genki Kai - special health system which derives from aikido and is a unique synthesis of the western and eastern health system.

Seminars: He held aikido seminars on a regular bases in these countries: Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Nederland, Finland, Poland, France, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Slovakia, Czech, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Serbia and in Monte Negro.

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