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Henbo Aikido Dojo

Henbo Aikido Dojo

Founded in 2005.

We practice aikido according to the standards of the Aikikai Hombu in Japan. We use the didactical system made by Masatomi Ikeda sensei. This system is characterized by an exceptional teaching and learning methodology, which provides understanding of the complexity of aikido and its core principle of no-resistance. The examination program for degrees is also tailored by Masatomi Ikeda sensei. His teachings are transfered to us by our mentor/supervisor Michele Quaranta shihan.

The school main teacher is Damjan Cingarski (3rd Dan Aikikai).

At Henbo Aikido dojo, as an inseparable part of aikido, aikiken (techniques with a wooden sword) and aikijo (techniques with a wooden stick) are being studied. Since we follow the Ikeda sensei's system in its fullness, we also study the Hojo kata (a kenjutsu martial art - kata with a special thick wooden sword) and the Genkikai system of exercises for physical health.

The members of Henbo aikido dojo are practicing at regular bases, they visit international seminars in our country and abroad and are regularly examined for degrees by our mentor Quaranta sensei.

Short Description

Founded in 2005. Center district. Adult group and children group.

Class Times

sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday

Connect with us

Jane Sandanski 62/3-21, Skopje, 1000, Macedonia

  • dummy+389 (70) 764066

  • dummy+389 (2) ******

  • dummy

Bank account

Receiver: Aikikai MKD - Skopje
Address: Njudelhiska 4/4-19 Skopje
Bank: Komercijalna banka AD - Skopje
Account no: 300000002348115


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